Delco Swimming and Diving League

2017 Diving Championships


Novice & Junior championship meets will start promptly at 6:00 pm.
Senior Championship will start promptly at 5:00 pm.

Diving Champs
Date Age Group Location Details
Friday July 21 Novice Knowlton Results
Monday July 24 Junior Girls Ridley Park Results
Tuesday July 25 Junior Boys Prospect Park Results
Thursday July 27 Seniors Ridley Township Results

Novice Girls
Place Name Team Score
1st Ava Keller Ridley Township 100.25
2nd Maryanna Nagle Prospect Park 81.70
3rd Ava Nagle Prospect Park 81.35
4th Julie Weld Knowlton 76.80
5th Ayva Christine Springfield 70.65
6th Lilly Orr Ridley Park 70.20
7th Ella Deitz Ridley Township 62.80
8th Katherine Shandley Springfield 59.65

Novice Boys
Place Name Team Score
1st Caleb Fay Tinicum 94.30
2nd Logan Giordano Prospect Park 91.30
3rd Mason Messina Glenolden 82.40
4th Owen O'Lynn Knowlton 77.60
5th Adam Kilpatrick Karakung 71.75
6th Joey Weber Ridley Park 67.65
7th Cody Hollenbach Ridley Park 58.80
8th Jack Buck Tinicum 47.15

Junior Girls
Place Name Team Score
1st Lily Horenkamp * Tinicum 147.65
2nd Paige Knowles Nassau 165.75
3rd Grace Mniecznikowski Nassau 164.40
4th Meaghan Drum * Ridley Park 162.40
5th Trinite Conover * Ridley Park 159.90
6th Elena Kirkpatrick * Karakung 154.20
7th Paige Dyer * Ridley Park 152.30
8th Kayleigh Kennedy * Ridley Township 129.90
* Qualified as Junior Girls for the Elite Meet

Junior Boys
Place Name Team Score
1st Jarod Rafter * Primos Secane 137.90
2nd Michael Northrop ** Prospect Park 137.20
3rd Shane Eckler ** Ridley Township 130.70
4th Dave Stunzi ** Glenolden 127.90
5th Daniel Kane * Knowlton 126.75
6th Eric Boeckx Ridley Township 125.80
7th Will Velazquez * Ridley Township 122.85
8th Xavier Fiacco Prospect Park 100.65

* Qualified as Junior Boys for the Elite Meet.

** Qualified for the Intermediate Division for the Elite Meet.

Senior Girls
Place Name Team Score
1st Megan Lynch * Ridley Township 276.10
2nd Brianna Costa * Ridley Park 237.30
3rd Emily Hanneman * Knowlton 220.95
4th Haley Cubler Ridley Township 194.80
5th Brae McCouch Prospect Park 192.50
6th Jen Cardow Ridley Park 187.70
7th Maryanna Colonna Prospect Park 171.75
* Qualified as Senior Girls for the Elite Meet.

Senior Boys
Place Name Team Score
1st Mason Beck * Ridley Township 268.50
2nd Dean Carson * Karakung 210.70
3rd Mario Costa * Ridley Park 210.05
4th Rocco Colonna Ridley Park 186.75
5th Randy Bachman Ridley Township 184.15
6th Colin Conmy Glenolden 166.30
7th Ryan Dorrin Prospect Park 164.30
* Qualified as Senior Boys for the Elite Meet.