Delco Swimming and Diving League

2016 Diving Championships


Novice & Junior championship meets will start promptly at 6:00 pm.
Senior Championship will start promptly at 5:00 pm.

Diving Champs
Date Age Group Location Details
Friday July 22 Novice Knowlton Results
Monday July 25 Junior Girls Ridley Park Results
Tuesday July 26 Junior Boys Prospect Park Results
Thursday July 28 Seniors Ridley Township Results

Novice Girls
Place Name Team Score
1st Paige Knowles Nassau 100.05
2nd Julianna Demarco Nassau 75.80
3rd Gianna Toland Prospect Park 75.65
4th Lucianna Avicolli Ridley Township 74.50
5th Jamie Rae Ridley Township 69.55
6th Nicole Buchanan Tinicum 67.50
7th Julia Weld Knowlton 65.35
8th Sophia DiMarcanton Springfield 62.40

Novice Boys
Place Name Team Score
1st Logan Giordano Prospect Park 94.90
2nd Jackson Meile Knowlton 77.85
3rd Caleb Fay Tinicum 68.25
4th Mason Messina Glenolden 67.50
5th Shane Eckler Ridley Township 65.00
6th Alex Hollar Knowlton 61.65
7th Adam Kilpatric Karakng 58.60
8th (Tie) Neile Quintela Tinicum 56.75
8th (Tie) Shane Klein Springfield 56.75

Junior Girls
Place Name Team Score
1st Kara Green * Nassau 219.60
2nd Shannan Glacken * Nassau 210.00
3rd Ashley DePrinzio * Nassau 178.55
4th Hayley Cuble Ridley Township 156.65
5th Jennifer Cardow Ridley Park 153.30
6th Grace Mnieczikowski Nassau 150.95
7th Lexi Crossley Prospect Park 135.80
8th Trinitie Conover Ridley Park 115.35
* Qualified as Junior Girls for the Elite Meet

Junior Boys
Place Name Team Score
1st Mario Costa * Ridley Park 159.30
2nd Tyler Seay * Ridley Park 154.15
3rd Rocco Colonna * Prospect Park 151.50
4th Dean Carson Karakung 146.50
5th Wyatt Hannemann Knowlton 136.45
6th Ryan Dorrin Prospect Park 120.85
7th Daniel Kane Knowlton 118.35
8th Jacob Bartowski Riddlewood 117.80
* Qualified as Junior Boys for the Elite Meet.

Senior Girls
Place Name Team Score
1st Jami McIlhenney * Nassau 312.35
2nd Brianna Costa * Ridley Park 267.80
3rd Emily Wolfe * Karakung 263.00
4th Megan Lynch Ridley Township 262.20
5th Allie Rosengarten Karakung 258.00
6th Marcianna Tavani Ridley Township 152.55
* Qualified as Senior Girls for the Elite Meet.

Senior Boys
Place Name Team Score
1st Steve Szarthmary * Lawrence Park 286.95
2nd Mason Beck * Ridley Township 253.90
3rd Ben Knower * Knowlton 194.10
4th Rand Bachman Ridley Township 188.95
5th Colin Conmy Glenolden 176.75
* Qualified as Senior Boys for the Elite Meet.